DAILIES TOTAL1® are the only contact lenses to feature water gradient technology, which increases the water content to almost 100% near the surface of the lens. This cushion of moisture, combined with the highest breathability of any daily disposable, gives your eyes a feels-like-nothing’s-there comfort and overall healthier look.

Want to level up even more on comfort? SmarTears® Technology releases an ingredient found naturally in tears to stabilize your eye’s tear film.

Finally, no need for cleaning solutions and a case. With DAILIES TOTAL1®, you’ll enjoy the convenience and health benefits of starting each day with fresh, clean contacts.

Dailies Total 1 30's


    Pk Size

    30 pcs



    Silicone Hydrogel


    Water Content




    BC 8.6mm / DIA 14.2mm


    Available Power

    -0.50 to -6.00

    -6.50 to -12.00