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Digital single vision non-compensated that corrects standard prescriptions like myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. Ideal for everyone who needs single vision correction and look for a economic solution.

A. PSV_Digital.jpg


A. PSV is the latest solution delivering a new concept of vision in high definition from the center to the edge of the lens. It is especially beneficial for high minus and plus prescriptions and prescriptions with large astigmatic corrections

A. Relax_Digital.jpg

A. Relax

A. Relax is a single vision personalized lens with a soft design that reduces the visual fatigue symptoms associated with reading for long periods of time. It offers an extra addition in the near vision region of the lens to relax the adjustment between different distances and increase focus with less effort.

Single Vision


A. Student SV_Digital.jpg

A. Student SV

A. Student SV is a new single vision lens specially designed for kids. Children have different visual demands compared to an adult. A. Student SV lens design is a personalized lens that has special pre configured parameters for kids.

A. Student HD.jpg

A. Student HD

A. Students HD is an extra soft general purpose progressive lens design, specially developed and available for first time progressive lens wearer. This design offers minimum lateral astigmatism, delivering more natural vision, while at the same time preserving good visual fields for distance, intermediate and near.




A. Indoor

A. Indoor is a great lens for office and computer work since it offers extremely wide intermediate and near visual fields and very easy adaptation. It’s ideal for middle-aged professionals who spend a lot of time working at near-intermediate distance (office workers, dentist, musicians, etc.).

A. Indoor_Digital.jpg

A. Camber Indoor

A. Camber Indoor is a premium lens for office and computer work which offers extremely wide intermediate and near visual fields and very easy adaptation. It’s ideal for middle-aged professionals who spend a lot of time working at near-intermediate distance.


A. Camber Steady_Digital.jpg

A. Camber Steady

A. Steady is a premium progressive lens with a unique architecture. On the front surface, the A. Steady lens blank provides the ideal base curve in each area of the lens, offering an unbeatable visual quality.
The back surface utilizes a personalized progressive digital design developed using an innovative method called, Steady, which dramatically reduces lateral distortions.

A. Ysian_Digital.jpg

A. Ysian

A. Ysian is a semi-personalized progressive lens that has been specifically developed for the Asian community of wearers offering a superior visual experience while delivering the visual freedom they need. The Asian community of wearers have unique facial features which means a lens designer must take this into consideration when developing a design to meet the visual needs of Asian wearers.

A. First_Digital.jpg

A. First

The A. First is specifically designed for first time progressive wearers and facilitates an immediate adaptation. It’s also an ideal lens for those who have had difficulty adapting to other progressive lenses. The improved optimization has reduced the lateral astigmatism by 22% compared to the previous version. This design offers more natural vision, while at the same time preserving the distance, intermediate and near visual fields.


A. Short

Some times fashion frames are too small for regular progressive lenses and the wearer is forced to select a bigger frame. A. Short, specially developed for small frames, offers more options and flexibility to select the ideal progression length perfectly adapted to each frame. A. Short design has the perfect balance between far and near vision, for a lens that fits in the shortest fitting heights.

A. Basic_Digital.jpg

A. Basic

A. Basic offers more natural vision to the wearer thanks to the extra soft transition between fields. The lateral aberration zones have been reduced by 15%, providing excellent visual comfort. Even, for first time progressive lens wearers.



A. Sport SV_Digital.jpg

A. Sport SV

A. Sport is a Single Vision design calculated through Digital Ray-Path® Technology that has been specially designed for curved sport frames. The only way to avoid this problem is to calculate its surface considering from the beginning that the lens will be positioned not perpendicular to the principal gaze direction.

A. Sporthing SV_Digital.jpg

A. Sporthin SV

Depending on the required lens thicknesses for high plus or high minus prescriptions, wearers may be limited in their sport frame choice, A Sport solves this problem by reducing the final thickness of the lens by up to 34%. Is the ideal solution for any single vision lens wearer who wants to have a curved frame but could not because of their prescription.

Single Vision Sport


A. Outdoor_Digital.jpg

A. Outdoor

A. Outdoor Progressive has been specially optimized for sports and outdoor activities. Dynamic vision is the key to Far success in outdoor environments. The A. Outdoor Progressive lens provides an extensive distance vision field with a minimum amount of oblique aberration in the periphery. This integration offers users a high visual acuity in all gaze directions, providing enjoyable and natural vision.

A. Sporthin PAL_Digital.jpg

A. Sporthin PAL

Depending on the prescription and required thickness of the lens, there is sometimes a limitation when selecting frames for outdoor activities. Sport frames require large lenses and have high wrapping angles which is not aesthetically pleasing. This design reduces lens thickness up to 34% by using a unique lenticular effect that maximizes the angle of clear vision without significantly increasing lens thickness.

Multifocal Sport


A. inMotion SV_Digital.jpg

A. InMotion SV

A. inMotion SV, a fully personalized premium lens specifically
designed for frequent drivers, reduces the effects of night myopia by incorporating a specific night vision zone. This unique feature allows drivers to experience a greater visual quality and less visual fatigue when driving.

A. inMotion PAL_Digital.jpg

A. InMotion PAL

A. inMotion PAL is a fully personalized lens that incorporates a power distribution specifically adapted for driving. It includes a night vision zone that helps compensate the refractive error difference that occurs between day and night by up to 0.25 D, which provides the wearer with superior visual acuity, reducing the stress and visual fatigue so common when driving at night.

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